Making People-First Company Culture a Reality

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As a successful entrepreneur, Mark McClain knows what can make or break an organization. Despite the abundance of how-to books on rescuing legacy companies, McClain noticed a severe shortage of advice about how to build a company on a sturdy foundation of culture, values, and mutual success. So, he decided to write his own actionable guidebook to help leaders create sustainable, people-first cultures.

Building organizations that
don’t suck (the life out of you and your people)

Joy AND Success at Work is a one-stop manual for busy leaders in need of actionable solutions to bespoke problems right now. With clear-cut topics and an easily navigable format, Mark’s book aspires to give leaders critical information that is effectively “just a click away.”

Who is Mark McClain

Mark McClain is the founder and CEO of SailPoint, the leading identity management company. Employing 1,200 people across his organization, Mark has earned acclaim for the strength of SailPoint’s organizational culture, which he regards as the backbone of the company’s success. While continuing to lead SailPoint into the future, Mark shares this people-first cultural ethic with all types of leaders in the hopes of improving how we implement corporate culture and bring startup culture back from the brink.

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“Real organizational cultures are reflections of how companies treat people and actually do things, like create useful products.”

Hear what Mark has to say

Mark McClain’s message is simple: organizational culture needs to rediscover its roots in something real. His keynotes address the critical elements missing from many of the business world’s “pseudo-cultures” and gives leaders a way forward that recognizes and celebrates the humanity in their company.

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