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Balancing Work with Passion, Joy, and Life

Balancing Work with Passion, Joy, and Life - Mark McClain

The literature on work cultures is filled with stories of life-sapping jobs. You know, those dead-end jobs where you’re doing meaningless work for what seems like an eternity—like spinning lug nuts onto passenger-side front wheels eight hours a day for ten years. While people took on these sorts of jobs at the beginning of the […]

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What to Do When Things Get Tense

Dealing with Tension in the Workplace - Mark McClain

We all live with tension, but not all tension is bad. The trick is developing the ability to tell the difference between good tension and bad tension.  To do that, you’ll have to learn which situations represent a healthy tension that can make your organization stronger versus those where unhealthy tension can create damage.  Getting […]

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How does your organizational culture measure up?

This assessment aims to differentiate between flashy “pseudo-cultures” that attract talent and investors from the real cultures that actually put people first and develop meaningful products.

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