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Real organizational cultures built on values

There’s something missing from so many books on leadership and management. Sure, the topic calls for a certain earnestness if an author hopes to be taken seriously. But, SailPoint CEO and author, Mark McClain believes these books can be something more. There’s no doubt the stakes of leadership are high and any such “treatise” on leadership should honor that. However, Mark McClain also appreciates the joy of leading and wanted to inject some humor in what can be an overwrought genre; he wanted to write a leadership book that celebrated these ever-important elements.

With Joy AND Success at Work, Mark McClain filters all of his leadership experience and insights through the lens of people first. Whether it’s employees, customers, or leaders themselves, everything Joy AND Success at Work espouses reverberates outward from the humanity of stakeholders.

“I wanted to create a manual, a guide for leaders and managers seeking help right now, where they could quickly find the answers they needed, and hopefully a laugh or two along the way,” explains Mark. “Its topics would be clear and easy to locate. After all, who has the time or patience to sift through long chapters to find what they need, especially in an age where information is a click away?”

Joy AND Success at Work is comprehensive in its approach to leadership and organizational culture, providing Mark’s expert advice on topics ranging from authenticity to xenophobia and anything in between. With Mark’s help, the path to real organizational culture is cleared, and any willing leader can break the ill effects of pseudo-cultures that are invariably more style than substance.

Whether you’re at the helm of an organization in need of a drastic culture makeover or a leader looking for a small tweak that could make all the difference, don’t wait any longer to get the solutions you need from a trusted expert.

How does your organizational culture measure up?

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