Celebrity Or CEO?

A lot of people write books to burnish—or build—reputations, often with one eye on post-C-suite careers, whether as consultants, motivational speakers, authors, or all of these. While I may now be one of those ‘published authors,’ I can’t say I was entirely open to the idea at first. It may sound a bit counterintuitive but […]

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Now is the Time to Pay it Forward

Doom, gloom, and a global pandemic—these are the themes driving us into the roaring (whimpering?) twenties. It isn’t exactly what we expected, but if there is anything I’ve learned in my many years as an entrepreneur, it’s that moments of uncertainty can breed some of the most interesting and inspiring ideas. At the same time, […]

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Values are Vision

When breaking ground on a new company, management experts and consultants always espouse mission, vision, and values—in that order—as the keys to a successful launch. But how is vision possible without strong values that motivate you and the people around you? Based on what I’ve seen, it’s far more important that your values are deep […]

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What Bowling Teaches Us About Starting a Business

If you have ever come up with a great invention that you just knew would change the world, you’ve probably thought about starting a business. We have all had genius ideas in moments of inconvenience, during travel, or during a frustrating project at work. These thoughts often feel like they could change the world and […]

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How does your organizational culture measure up?

This assessment aims to differentiate between flashy “pseudo-cultures” that attract talent and investors from the real cultures that actually put people first and develop meaningful products.

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